Blatant advertisement

I’ve been negligent about updating this blog; it’s about time I got back to it.

I’ve recently discovered a really good author, Krista Walsh.  Among other things, she’s been writing fantasies set in the world of Andvell.  The latest Andvell trilogy is the Cadis trilogy, comprised of Bloodlore, Blightlore, and BladeloreBladelore is just about to be released.

Here’s the publisher’s blurb for Bladelore:

“War has come to Andvell. Enemy after enemy takes its place along the northern border, each one a terrifying result of dark magic and experimentation. In the face of the great army, Andvell’s resources are few.

“As the enemy marches, unlikely hero Venn Connell must act or be lost in the flood — one final mission to end the war, no matter the cost.

“Standing on the brink of devastation, Venn is forced to question her most deeply held beliefs and trust her friends to see her through the darkness.”

You can buy these ebooks for Kindle, Nook, or just about any tablet, or, of course, for your PC or Macintosh computer, here

I’m including a picture of the newly released Bladelore cover.

Yes, as the title says, this is an ad.  The obvious question you should be asking yourself is, “What is Margret getting out of this?”  First, of course, I get to share a new author whose books I enjoy reading.  Beyond that, in all fairness, I have received free copies of some of Krista Walsh’s books in return for honest reviews.  The operative word in that sentence being “honest.”  I would never recommend a book I don’t like.

For more information, go to Krista’s website, The Raven’s Quill.  You can also download some free stories there.

Here is the cover of Bladelore:



All of Krista’s work is excellent, in my opinion, and I highly recommend it.



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